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Allow us to enrich your experience by pairing the perfect wine with your chosen meal.
Discover our extensive wine list carefully selected just for you.


We invite you to join us on a wine journey, highlighting the great variety that exists in our country and the elements that make Portuguese wine great.

Dare to discover a little more, not only the wine regions but also the grape varieties that contribute to the harmonious profile of wine.

Quoting Fernando Pessoa, “Life is good, but wine is better.”

We offer you a versatile selection of wines by the glass. With different profiles and styles you can choose the most appropriate wine for your meal or whichever suits your personal taste.

The first natural sparkling wine to be produced by man became popular in the second half of the XVII century but the original version has a few thousand years of history.

Savour the richness of our sommelier's meticulously selected wine collection. Each bottle is chosen to offer a unique taste and enrich your dining experience.

Our wide selection of white wines allows you to opt for something softer with a vibrant and refreshing acidity or a white with more structure and complexity, not forgetting niche wines such as DO Biscoitos from the Azores.

Rosé wines are produced in the same way as whites, the only difference is due to the short contact they have with the skin of red grapes. Our selection includes different regions and varied profiles with colour ranging from deep pink to pale blush.

Our list includes wines from most of the Portuguese regions. Each region has some characteristics (such as altitude, soils, proximity to the sea) which makes them special and distinct. You can choose from delicate and elegant wines from the Dão region to complex, warm and structured wines from the Algarve.

Natural wines are a wild and untamed adventure for your taste buds. They express the true essence of the grape and are made with love and care for the environment. Sip on a glass and let it transport you to a world of pure, unadulterated bliss.

This style of wine is characterized by its sweetness, creaminess and aromas. Whether you opt for a Ruby Port, a LBV or even a Muscat you’ll be pleasantly surprised. A perfect end to a perfect night.